2nd Annual Logmark Tournament

Saturday, June 25th
12 – 1.30 pm – Bay City Independence vs. Saginaw Old Golds
2 – 3.30 pm – Walker Tavern vs. Columbus Capitals
4 – 5.30 pm – Two losing Teams
6-7.30 pm – Champions of 1 & 2


IMG_1614Adam “Squints” McCauley – Congratulations on winning the “Captain of the Year” at the 2015 Greenfield Village World Tournament for the 2nd straight year!

Columbus Capitals Take Home the Lumberjack Trophy    6/25/16


Game One saw the Saginaw Old Golds drop a 25 – 20 decision to the Bay City Independents.  Starring for the Golds were Jon Smith 4 for 4 plus three putouts plus 4 runs scored.  Ryan Dost and Ducky Mahan were a perfect 3 for 3.  Joel Curry hit the team high & second Homerun of the season.

Game Two the Columbus Capitals ran past the Walker Tavern Wheels to make it to the Championship Match.

In Game Three the Saginaw Old Golds composed their game and came back to defeat the present World Champion Walker Tavern Wheels 16 to 13.  The game ball was given to Scott “The Ice Man” Mader who buried his mother the day before but came because the Golds were shorthanded.  He hit and played well.  He is very much appreciated by the Saginaw Old Golds.

Picking up 4 hits came off the bats of John Piersall, Adam McCauley, and Brandon Daig. Outstanding fielding by Smith, Daig, and Joel Curry all with 3 put outs each.  The two Golds games were pitched by Piersall and Mahan.

The Championship match had the Columbus Capitals running over the Bay City Independents like and 1883 locomotive 26 – 9.  The amazing part of this story is the fact that the Capitals only had nine players remaining with no one on the bench and three of the ballists were so injured that they could barely get around the bases.  But their solid hitting gave them the Championship.

The trophy will be in their possession the entire year.  A plaque will be added with their name on it to honor them. The Saginaw Old Golds and the Columbus Capitals will return to the Tournament in 2017, and two new teams will be invited.

The Saginaw Old Golds, with a season record of 7 wins and 2 losses, will now venture off to Gettysburg for their fifth time with games on July 16th and July 17th.  This is a tournament the Golds have been very successful playing the top teams throughout the East Coast having recorded 14 wins and only 2 losses in their previous 4 years.


Richard Curry


Saginaw Old Golds Split Two Games in Detroit



IMG_7306Game One played in Greenfield Village featured the present Michigan Cup Champions the Lah De Dahs. The Golds had two bad innings out of nine, but it cost them the game. Starring for Saginaw was Bryce Funchion going 5 for 5; Ducky Mahan pitched flawlessly for the Golds, Devon Funchion also added 3 hits.
Game Two was a complete turnaround versus the Wyandotte Stars with Saginaw winning 37 -13. Again, Ducky Mahan pitched all 9 innings. The hitting stars were many, Ryan Dost 9 for 9, Joel Curry, Chris Hammis, Scott Mader all going 8 for 9, Joel & Scott also added the seasons first homeruns. Saginaw now takes their 6 -1 record into Ojibway Island on Saturday June 25th for the 2nd Annual Lumberjack Tournament featuring four of the best vintage baseball teams in the country Walker Tavern Wheels, Columbus Capitals, Bay City Independents, & Saginaw Old Golds. Games start at 10am and end at 6 pm. Pull up a chair, the cost is free. The boys play with no gloves and hard base balls. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon in the sunshine.