IMG_1614Adam “Squints” McCauley – Congratulations on winning the “Captain of the Year” at the 2015 Greenfield Village World Tournament for the 2nd straight year!


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For the fifth straight year, the Saginaw Old Golds had the privilege to show their skills at the Dow Diamond in front of the cancer survivors. On a beautiful sunny day, Saginaw pounded out 36 hits on their way to a 16-2 victory over the Petoskey Mossbacks. Leading the way, were Mike Endert, John Piersall, Brandon Daig, and Ryan Dost all coming up with 4 hits. Jon Smith went 5 for 5, made two put outs and scored 3 runs. Jerry Endert made 4 put outs in the game. The pitching as usual was done my John Piersall and Ducky Mahan. The Golds pushed their season record to 16 wins and 7 losses.

Their next game will see them travel to Walker Tavern, the new 2015 World Champions of Historic Baseball at Greenfield Village (a title the Golds have had 5 times), on August 29th at 2:00.

For the season, the three top batters have been Jon Smith in 20 games, hitting .700, Brandon Daig 18 games .720 and Bryce Funchion 15 games at .700. The leader in put outs has been Jon Smith with 65 putouts in left field, Adam McCauley 33 at catcher, and Bryce Funchion with 23 at centerfield.

Richard Curry

The Gold Standard at the Worlds Takes a Hit 8/8/15

Game 1 – the Saginaw Old Golds pounded out a 15 to 2 win over the Columbus Buckeyes.  Pitching the victory were the same three people who were used in all the games at the tournament (John Piersall, Ducky Mahan, and Dennis Konuszewski).  The hitting stars for the game were Toby Larkin, Jon Smith (a double and a triple), and Nate Hall all going a perfect three for three.  The fielding play of the game was made by Bryce Funchion running sideways up a hill to make a sensational backhanded catch in centerfield.  Another tremendous play in the field was made by Adam “Squints” McCauley as he went back on a foul ball, dove parallel to the ground, put out his hand and made a sensational grab.  For the first time in eight years the best captain of the tournament award went to Adam.IMG_3670

Game 2 saw the Old Golds facing off with the Lah De Dahs (the youngest and most talented of the Greenfield Village ball clubs).  This game was about as exciting as you could possibly have with the Old Golds leading up to the last inning by two runs.  The pitcher for the entire game for the Lah De Dahs threw enough out-of-the-zone baseballs to fill up a two-car garage.  We were waiting so long for one to come over the plate I thought a few of our older players would be cashing their social security checks for the first time.  The Golds finished on a controversial call at second base to end the game as the Lah De Dahs scored three and came away with a 7-6 win.  Hitting stars for this game were John Piersall, Devon Funchion, and Dennis Konuszewski all going three for three.IMG_3683

Now the disheartened Saginaw Old Golds were put into the reserve bracket and had to face the ever-dangerous Columbus Capitals.  Saginaw lead 8-2 after two innings but lost their concentration and their ball game as the Capitals came back to beat them 10-9 in the very last inning.  Hitting stars were Dennis Konuszewski going three for three and Nate Hall going three for four.  The fielding play of this game was Joel Curry pulling down a ball in right center and throwing out a runner headed for second base.   Another fielding star was Jon Smith as he pulled down everything in left field.  He injured his finger but still completed the tournament.  Jerry Endert, while running to second base, was hit in the back of the head with a throw from centerfield that momentarily rendered him unconscious.IMG_3746

On Sunday the final two teams in the championship bracket played one heck of a game as they were tied 14-14 in the sixth inning before Walker Wheels slammed the door on the Bay City Independents and scored a run in the7th, 8th, and 9th inning while holding the Independents to no runs.  It’s the first time the Saginaw Old Golds have not made it to the final day of competition and after five world titles I’ve begun to appreciate more of the accomplishments of this ball club and what they’ve done in eight years at the tournament.

The Olds Golds’ record now stands at 15-7.  The batting stars for the year have been Bryce Funchion hitting .700 for 16 games, Joel Curry .690 for 10 games, Keith Manning .800 for 10 games, and Brandon Daig .720 for 17 games.

The Golds next game is the highlight game of the year for this organization as we play inside the Dow Diamond on Sunday August 16th at 1:00 pm for the Cancer Survivors. Vs the Petoskey Mossbacks.