Thank You

“We would like to thank our families, friends, & fans for making this another great year!  Without you and your continued support, we would not be as successful as we are as a team!  See you all next year!!”

IMG_1614Adam “Squints” McCauley – Congratulations on winning the “Captain of the Year” at the 2015 Greenfield Village World Tournament for the 2nd straight year!

The Saginaw Old Golds Come Up Short (9/26/15)

FB_IMG_1443795018015The Gold’s lost to Walker Tavern for the 3rd straight time this season (12-8) & along with it the Michigan Cup (Which Saginaw has won a record 4 times). Nate Hall, John Piersall, & Jon Smith all had 3 hits. McCauley had 4 Putouts & Smith 3. Game Two:  the Golds and Bay City tied 6-6.  Jon Smith was 4 for 4. Piersall & Mike Endert had 3 hits each. Joel Curry & Nate Hall had 4 putouts each.  For the season the Gold’s finish at 19-8-1. Putout leaders: Smith 86/McCauley 42.  RBI’S: Smith 38, McCauley 36, & Piersall 32. Runs scored: Smith 46 & Piersall 43. .B.A.: Piersall .730, Smith .720, Brandon Daig .700, & Bryce Funchion .700.  Richard Curry ” To compete next year, the Golds have got to get faster on the base paths.”

Richard Curry

Saginaw Old Golds Put it All Together (9/12/15)

The Saginaw Old Golds pounded out 47 hits on their way to a 26-0 IMG_9029 IMG_8982shutout of the Flint Lumbermen at Ojibway Island.  Leading the way was “Lumberjack” Piersall, going seven for seven, scoring five runs, and knocking in five. “ Squints” McCauley was six for six with a double,” Bull” Daig six for six and six RBIs, and finishing off the hit parade was Mugsy Endert at 5 for 5.  Pitching for the Golds were “Lumberjack,” “Ducky” Mahan and “Mugsy.” The leader in putouts for the game was Joel “Jokester” “Marvin the Village Idiot” Curry with five in centerfield.  The two defensive plays of the game were a toss-up for one being the best:  Bryce “Bolt” Funchion’s grab in leftfield and Toby “Scoops” Larkin pulling down a line drive at shortstop. The win put the Golds records at 19-7 heading into their defense of the Michigan Cup they won last year.  The game will be played at Carroll Park in Bay City next Saturday.  With the regular season coming to a conclusion, four batters are consistently hitting the ball all year:  “Lumberjack” at .700, “Boozehound” Smith at .730, “Bolt” Funchion at .700, and “Bull” Daig at .730.  The putout leaders for the team are “Boozehound” at 79, “Squints” at 38, and “Bolt” at 27.  Leading the team in scoring was leadoff hitter” Boozehound” at 50 runs scored.

Richard Curry