For the first time ever the four best teams in Vintage Baseball from the state of Michigan played their counterparts from Ohio.  The teams participating from Michigan were Bay City Independents, Walker Tavern Wheels, Saginaw Old Golds, and the La-De-Dahs IMG_4088 IMG_4126from Greenfield Village.  Participating for Ohio were the Columbus Capitals, Forest City, Cleveland Blues, and the Akron Blackstockings.  The totals for the two-day event concluded with Michigan winning 8 ½ matches to Ohio’s 3 ½.  The last round of games in the afternoon were cancelled due to inclement weather.

The Old Golds had a roller coaster weekend starting off with an impressive 10-6 win over the Cleveland Blues.  The Blues are 4-time Silver Ball Champions in the state of New York.  Pitching the Golds to victory were Mahan, Jerry Endert, and John Piersall.  The hitting stars for this game were Devon Funchion, John Smith, and Ryan Dost.  The highlight reel was John Smith in left field as he pulled down 11 straight fly balls.  There was only one person faster than “Boozehound” on Saturday.  It was my wife Paulette driving off to Nordstrom’s and coming back with 7 outfits in two hours.  An amazing feat, even for her.

Game 2 saw Saginaw get clobbered in the rain by the Columbus Capitals 25-13.  The always-efficient outfield of the Golds looked like the Keystone Cops in a Mack Sennett movie.  Picking up four hits apiece for the game were Bryce Funchion, Brandon Daig and Jerry Endert.

Game 3 for Saginaw started with an entire crew suffering from their night at the Cantina till 1am.  But they still managed to put up 16 runs and win going away by 12 over Akron Blackstockings.  Again the hitting stars were the same as previous with Devon Funchion, Brandon Daig and Jerry Endert all picking up 4 hits each.  The event was so successful that it will continue next year but in the state of Michigan and most likely in Bay City or Greenfield Village.

The Golds’ season now stands at 5 wins and 2 losses.  Hitting stars through the month of May have been Jerry Endert at .730 and Devon Funchion at .710.  The Golds’ next journey will be to Coldwater, Michigan for a two-game tournament.

Saginaw’s First Vintage Baseball Tournament – A Success

Jason Leckrone
Smith Boys

The Saginaw Golds held their Log Mark tournament this past Saturday on Ojibway Island and split their two games.  Game 1 saw the Old Golds defeat Flint 23-11.  Ten players all came in with three hits apiece.  Devon Funchion picked up a triple and three RBI’s.  Chuck Mahan and Jerry Endert pitched the victory.  Saginaw was challenged for the Michigan Cup in this game and came away with a win.  In the second contest Bay City defeated Walker Tavern and ended up in the final championship game vs. Saginaw.  At one point Saginaw trailed 10-2, came back with six runs, but came up short losing 10-8.  Mike Endert and John Piersall both went four for four.  Like an amorous rooster chasing chickens, Jon Smith ran down everything in left field for two games. I give Bay City full credit for the championship win as they hit the gap all day long.

The Golds now travel to Columbus, OH this weekend where four Michigan vintage ball clubs will be playing four teams from Ohio in the first ever Michigan/Ohio challenge.